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13 June 2023

Discover the Best Beaches in Batroun Lebanon

Batroun, a charming coastal town in Lebanon, is a haven for water enthusiasts with its stunning beaches and year-round water activities. Whether you're seeking a relaxing day in crystal clear waters or an adventurous swim among rocky landscapes, Batroun has something for everyone. In this blog post, we will guide you through the best beach experiences in Batroun, highlighting their unique features and why they should be on your must-visit list.

Abou Ali Bay:
Nestled in a picturesque small bay, Abou Ali Bay offers free beach access and a tranquil atmosphere. Bring your own beach essentials and enjoy the crystal clear waters, which are especially enchanting during the early morning hours. This secluded spot is perfect for those seeking peace and solitude while immersing themselves in the beauty of nature.

Joining Beach:
For those who love swimming amidst rocky landscapes and exploring hidden caves, Joining Beach is a must-visit destination. This rocky beach provides ample opportunities for diving and snorkeling adventures. After a day of aquatic exploration, head to the old family-run restaurant nearby to savor some fresh and delicious seafood for a well-deserved lunch.

If you prefer sandy beaches, BlueBay is the perfect choice in Batroun. It's the only sandy beach in the area and offers a serviced beach experience with an entrance fee. During the evenings, BlueBay transforms into a vibrant hub with exciting night parties, providing a unique atmosphere for those seeking both relaxation and entertainment.

Colonel Reef:
Colonel Reef is a small bay known for its Bear Brewing Beach, where you can enjoy a mix of sandy stretches and rocky access to the water. This beach is a popular spot for stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) and other water activities. Immerse yourself in the stunning coastal scenery while engaging in thrilling adventures at Colonel Reef.

Bahsa Bay:
Where the old town meets the glazing water of the most iconic El Mir Rock! Bahsa Bay has become a beloved destination for travelers seeking to spend a charming day at the beach

Ghleighile Bay:
A hidden gem waiting to be discovered! For those seeking a calming beach day away from the crowds, Ghleighile Bay offers a serene escape. If you’re staying at Mayouli Nature Retreat, you’re in luck, as this tranquil beach is just a 5 minute walk away, making it an absolute must-visit during your time in Batroun.

There are plenty of other beaches in Batroun waiting to cater to your unique beach experience. From secluded coves to bustling shores, you'll find a beach that suits your preferences and desires.

When visiting Batroun, make sure to check out Mayouli Nature Retreat for a unique and memorable stay.

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Nestled within the lush fruit orchards of Batroun lies the hidden gem of Mayouli Nature Retreat. A sanctuary of tranquility, this retreat offers the perfect setting to unwind and rejuvenate amidst nature's embrace. Conveniently located just 5 minutes away from Batroun center, guests can easily explore the vibrant town or indulge in the breathtaking beaches accessible by foot or bicycle. For the adventurous spirit, our retreat serves as a gateway to exploration, with nearby hiking trails leading to the historic Msaylha fortress and the serene Lady of Light Church. Designed with the conscious traveler in mind, Mayouli Nature Retreat in Batroun is dedicated to eco-lodging, offering a unique and sustainable experience for those seeking harmony with the environment. Come and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, where every stay at Mayouli Nature Retreat is an invitation to connect with the earth and revitalize the soul.




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